Extraction of data of required field

I want to extract the data from PDF File of “ABF000004929”,which is ORDER NUMBER and “21” which is under Number of BU in BLG…I tried my best,but i didnt get …please anyone help me in this case…iam very thankful for your kindly help…i dont want any extraction operation like ocr …pdf12345.pdf (422.5 KB)

Hello @saneeth_kandukuri,
Try this. I tested it on your attached pdf and seems that it works fine.
regex.xaml (5.6 KB)

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can you share screenshots please

Just paste my xaml and your pdf to the same folder and open xaml in Studio. You will be able to see all settings etc.


it is showing error for activity …so asking to share screenshots in word document…please help me…it is needed

What kind of error do you have?
regex.pdf (50.4 KB)

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means “activity could not be loaded because of errrs in xaml”…like this…okay tanq for providing pdf

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thank you i got the output…

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