Extracting zip from zip/folder into another folder


I have a scenario where i have to extract zip content in another folder,which i am possibly able to aciheve.
the problem i am facing is when i have to extract zip and it has a zip/folder again within it…

So please help me to extract data from such a case where

  1. extracting normal/compressed zip.
  2. Zip folder consist of another zip -extract the data from zip inside zip
  3. Zip folder consist of another folder -extract the data from folder inside zip.

all the above cases should be handled in one sequence.


Hey @heena_shaikh

There are multiple ways to do this - either through running command-line prompts through UiPath or trying to use UiPath activities.

Please take a look at these posts on how to zip\unzip files using UiPath:

If the current folder structure has multiple layers of files that need to be zipped\ unzipped, it may require a for loop or even a do while loop. The do while loop will require you to check whether or not there are more files with .zip extension, if there are then the iteration should continue. The for loop will require you to know how many iterations of zipping\unzipping you would need to go through.

Please shout if you get stuck!
Have a great one further!