Image Extraction into Excel Sheet

I’m trying to Extract the data from a image into a excel sheet and i’m successful in doing that by using ABBY CLOUD OCR, but the issue is i have a restaurant Invoice copy which have multiple items, so the invoice which i have selected has 2 items and another invoice may have any number of items. so i wanted to automate depending upon the number of items. I have also attached the image for reference…
Help me out.Full_Items

After extracting the text, find the row where Guests word is found and the row where SUBTOTAL word for any invoice.

In this case, rowGuestsFound = 7
rowSubTotalFound = 20

Now all your items are in between rows 8 and 19 (excluding ---- lines)

You can use Read Range activity to read the list of items into a new data table and automate based on that.

Karthik Byggari