Extracting Text From Alpha numeric String


Input: PC Jeweller/Customer service1800 120 1434Click on the errorNo errors? Give general feedback.Feedback
Output: 1800 120 1434

Input: Featured snippet from the web1800-266-0123You need to call the customer care on 1800-266-0123 or email us at customercare@titan.co.in to cancel your order
Output: 1800-266-0123

Input: Featured snippet from the web+91 7676111022Please contact our customer service agent at +91 7676111022.help center - Voyllawww.voylla.comhelpwww.voylla.com › helpCachedSimilarFeedbackAbout Featured Snippets
Output: 91 7676111022

It means I am having a link, and I need to get only the contact details from that.
In short, I need the value between the first integer value until the next character comes, the number between them.

I think we need to used REGEX over here, but I have never worked on it.

Please help me with this.

Sure it is not handling perfect all, but the intention was to help you for starting with Regex

Just go to https://regex101.com/ and play a liitle bit like this

In UiPath the Matches Activity will help you for iterating over the found results

I hope this will help you on the first result. Still we are here to help you on your further steps

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Thankyou so much, It helped me a lot, I am now able to build my own RegEx for my issue.

Perfect, another pattern that could help find here
((\d)+(-|\ )?)+

Happy Automation :+1: