Extracting text from a table in PDF file

Hi everyone!

I have a problem I hope ya’ll can help me with. Basically, I’ve succeeded in extracting the platform type from the pdf document as shown below.


I used regex via the assign activity to capture the “Xbox” bit of that field with the following expression.


Now I’d like to extract row information from the following table:


How can I use regex (or anything) to extract the table information into string form and then deposit it into an excel table?

Thanks in advance!

can you upload a sample copy?

Hi! Sample of? PDF table or excel sheet?

Sample Pdf

Hey @ashley11

ExtractTableValues.pdf (9.0 KB)

Here you go!

@Spacecats7 From the pdf what data you are expecting to get

Hi @Spacecats7,

Please look into the below workflow of extract data from Pdf and stored in Excel file.

Mohanraj.SBookings.zip (3.2 MB)

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Hello @Spacecats7
was a busy day couldn’t reply. I have made the XAML hope it will solve your problems.
Regex_Table.zip (22.5 KB)

If you face any problems feel free to ask.

Ashley Nihal Dcunha

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Thanks for the help! Very thorough – fortunately, data scrapping works perfectly in this case too!

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