Extracting selected data from PDF and store into excel

hi Guys,
I am working on a project where I need to extract the data from PDF based on the selections done by customers.

so you can see in the attached, I only need to extract the data where tick is marked. In this case tick is marked on Individual, in second case it would be other.
So there are many pages in the pdf and I will have to extract data where the tick is marked only and then to write/export into excel.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


For this one easy way to extract check box is :slight_smile:

  1. Use Anchor base to the label of each check box, and have two Image exists one image with checked check box one with empty check box.
  2. Use Image exists if checked image is exists then you can update the values has been checked else NO.

Thank you so much, will it be easy for you to help me to understand and follow with a little example? I am actually very new to this.

Thanks again