How to extract Checkmarked text out of PDF

Good day everyone,

I am currently trying to get information out of a series of PDF’s (which all follow the same structure), that I will later on insert in a database. In these forms, people have to select some options by marking some checkboxes.
Now, I’m having difficulties in translating this in UiPath. I am using find image in a loop to filter through the existing possiblities and then using a decision to 1. Get the appropriate text or 2. Check the next possibility. But I can’t get it to work. It always “finds” the first image and shows the connected text even when I change pdf’s with different checked boxes.
I would upload one of these PDF’s, but the site wont let me as I am a newbie.

Help would be highly appreciated

Kind Regards

  • If selectors are accessible, use get attributes.

  • If selectors are not accessible, you need to use Image exist. You need to scrape the checkbox along with labels.