Extracting part of string after deleimeter

Hi ,

I need to extract a part of a string from an excel and paste in to new row.
the string is in below format.

Input in a row
karthik is a uipath developer # 7z3456 #8p6789

the output should be(in separate rows : 7z3456 ,8p6789

You can split the string based on “#” character.

InputString = “karthik is a uipath developer # 7z3456 #8p6789

Create a variable of type ArrayOf[String] ( Eg : InputStringSplit )
InputStringSplit = Split(InputString , “#”)

The output of InputStringSplit(1) will be “7z3456” and InputStringSplit(2) will be “8p6789”.

You can now use the above operation inside a For Each Row activity and assign these values to row(“ColumnName”)
Let us assume that the column names would be “FirstNum” and “SecondNum”

row(“FirstNum”) = InputStringSplit(1)
row(“SecondNum”) = InputStringSplit(2)

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