Extracting list from DataTable

Hello Everyone,

I am facing some troubles to solve the following issue.

My project will be an excel file that will convert to a data table.
One of the column has to contain many information and the number can vary.list_Uipath

I thought about the list format (If you have a better suggestion, feel free to let em know).

I would like to extract each cell as a list, I don’t know how to do that. I tried to directly input it as a string in this function : CurrentList = new List(of string)(new string(){row(“manualStation”).ToString})

Could you help me or suggest me a better way to do so ?
Thank you


Hope the following expression helps you.

CurrentList = row(“manualStation”).ToString.Replace("{","").Replace("}","").Split(","c).ToList

If you don’t need double quote, the following will work.

CurrentList = row(“manualStation”).ToString.Replace("""","").Replace("{","").Replace("}","").Split(","c).ToList


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Hello Yoichi,
Thank you, that is exactly what i needed.

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