Split datatable.row into a list of string


I have a variable that i want to split into several string
In a for each row, i print the result in a message box which is “row(2).tostring”

This variable is like “a,b,c” and i wanted to separate a,b and c

How can i do that ?


yah the expression would be like this
Split(row(2).ToString)(0)+“,”+Split(row(2).ToString)(1)+"and "+Split(row(2).ToString)(2)

Cheers @Pierre_PARIS


Can you try the following?

resultStrArray = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(strData,"(?<=.+?,.+?),")


Can use Assign activity
Create a String variable ex:str1
In assign activity
str1 = datarow.itemarray.tostring
Now create another string Array ex:starArray
StrArray = str1.split(“,”.Tochararray)

This StrArray is having strings separated by Comma

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