Extracting data from PDF to excel

Hi, I’m trying to extract a table from PDF but no matter what I’ve already tried (read full pdf, read PDF text, data scraping) I couldn’t get it done.
Both digits and Hebrew letters are coming out like squares.
the PDF is attached.

Thanks for your help.

For some reason it doesn’t let me upload the file :frowning:

Hi @linoyak buddy,

Could you please confirm what kind PDF it is?

  1. If it is a Native PDF File you get the options to scrap the data from the PDF

  2. But if it is a SCANNED PDF File there are many chances of getting issues while reading the data from it

Native PDF File is originally generated from a computer
SCANNED PDF File scanned, which has lost its digital formatting

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Native PDF, but when I scrape it - it comes out with squares (jibrish) instead of letters and digits.

Hello buddy,

We will be able to check only if you could provide the pdf. Please provide!!

Arun Vignesh S

it tells me i cannot upload attachments (i opened a new user today since i changed my email address)
can i send it by mail and you upload it for me?

eitan.pdf (26.4 KB)
Hi @linoyak,

I tried extracting the data from the pdf. But I’m not able to extract information from that. I have uploaded the pdf here. Experts please assist him.

Arun VIgnesh S
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