Extracting Data from PDF table to csv

Hey community ! I sould extract a Table from PDF and put it in csv format I tried a lot of activitivies but it doesn’t work (it gaves me an unstructured csv file) can you please help me :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you guys!

We used Omnipage Ultimate OCR to convert unstructured PDF to excel files. It works good with unstructured data.


Hey! thank you @ashoks93 but I just wanna know if there is any solution by using uiPath ?


Is the PDF , native or scanned

If the PDF is native, you can use regular expressions and form a table.


Thank you @anil5 I’m working on it right now I hope I can solve this problem

Once you are able to read PDF the you can build one datatable and just by split/other string manipulation activities you can add those values into new data table and then write that Data table to csv.


Thank a lot @Divyashreem but can you please help me with more details ? :slight_smile:

Sure Can i get one sample PDF>?

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