Extracting a substring from a text

Hello friends,

I have the following text:

I had readed pdf with (readPdfText), i had the following string in the output.

I need to extract only "01 41 60 YC "

any one have a suggestion?


Send me the text file.


@THIRU_NANI done :slight_smile:

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Hello @abdel

This can be done with regex extraction. but provide few more similar datas to provide a regex expression.

Is there any pattern for the data to extract?

Open the PDF in Acrobat Reader. Using Ui Explorer are you able to see individual elements on the page? Can you designate either the field containing that data, or a container containing that field (to get only part of the page instead of the whole page)?

Hi @abdel,

Does it always come with this format? Can you share a few more examples as .txt?


hi @muhammedyuzuak ,

The format is fixe but the value can change: i need to extract the one under “REMUNERATION” without alpha caracter