Extracted HTML email body does not repproduce original mail

Hi everybody,

I have encountered a curious “bug” (which may be more of a bug of HTML than of UiPath), but I am nevertheless puzzled about how to resolve it.

I tried to construct an html-email passing with a specific formatting (which I later also have to modify, but that is not the point here). To do so, I did the simple exercise of extracting the HTML body of the email “mail”, using


(as advised in a very useful earlier entry: How to write ExtractData.Table(html-table)).

However, when sending this very same source code (turned into a proper string, since otherwise the quotation marks etc. would cause errors, so you need to replaced them by Chr(34), an so on) from UiPath via Outlook, the result does not look like the original email.

In particular, the formatting has partially change, which mainly concerns font sizes and new lines where there were none in the original email.

When deciphering the HTML code, is was completely unclear where this arises from.

Can anybody enlighten me? While I am not even hoping to solve this problem, I would be happy to at least understand where is comes from.

Thanks a lot, guys, your doing an excellent job here patiently answering questons.


Facing the same problem. Any solutions till now?

Thank you in advance