hey everyone.

I have an application in which unstructured data exist. when I extract the data from the table and put into the message box or excel then It show the blank message box.

Please help how to extract the data from the table.


As you said it is unstructured data, use Get Full Text Activity to read the data.

If it is in Table format means then I guess it is structured data only. Have you tried with Data scraping or not ?

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Hi @Nidhi2
No worries buddy
I think the reason must be the data extraction didn’t fetch any data from that unstructured data.
We got two options to get this done
–Data Scrapping or Web Scrapping
we can get this activity in the design tab and can be used to get the data in a table format, if we are able to select the field as a element individually, we can use this activity. And the output will be type datatable, In order to write that in message box we need to use output datatable activity where pass the datatable variable as input and get the output as a variable of type string. This string variable can be now mentioned in the message box
–Screen Scrapping
If the table in the application is not allowing us to select the fields of the table as a individual element, then we have to use screen scrapping with OCR text method and we got this option of screen scrapping in the design tab and after scrapping the table we can change the method of scrapping among FULL TEXT, NATIVE TEXT and OCR TEXT. Choose the OCR TEXT, if the table is in form of image, the output will be of type String variable, now we can pass this string variable directly to a message box activity as input

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
Cheers @Nidhi2

hey @Nidhi2

Instead of putting that data into message box, put that data into write line activity and than check your output window.
because sometimes, due to excessive data , message box activity is unable to show any data.

thanks everyone for your help.

now I am able to extract the data . but I am not able to store it into the write range because the variable is in generic type and in write range I have to enter the variable into datatable type.
can you please tell me how to convert generic type into datatable type.
ie. how to write the data into excel