Extract the value using regex


I am trying to get the amount value but I am not able to extract. Please suggest me some regex for extracting the amount. Also I am using multiple invoices to get multiple amount in words.

Hi @Lokesh_Raj_R_M

You can try With Substring method .

please refer to the attached xaml below.

RegexSplitting.xaml (4.3 KB)


Thanks @pravin_calvin
But I am using multiple invoices and each time I need to get amount in words from different invoices.

Hi @Lokesh_Raj_R_M

Give it a Try and let me know if this works


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka
Thanks for the regex code. I tried it in UiPath but it is not able to extract the data. Also FYI, I am using assign activity.


Can you able to share the pdf?

I am sharing the text file.
invoice.txt (1.5 KB)

This is the text file with formating?

if not send me with formatting

Since I am using Read PDF activity once the invoice data has been fetched, it will be similar to the data in the text file.


invoice-1.txt (5.6 KB)

The Same regex is working here

Check once and tell me

Please try in this website.

Have you tried the regex running in Uipath?

yes and it is not able to extract the data

Can you able to share Workflow here or personaly?

Give a try on following for handling Windows Linebreaks compoesed by \r\n as well

Thank you @ppr and @Sudharsan_Ka .