Extract the cron express list

I am extracting the process schedule through Orchestrator API. It has the Cron expression. I need to list the datetime for the Cron expression. Do you know any library for it ?

Thank you

something like?

or something like:

  • give start date & Expression
  • return the next schedules for a particular range (next 10, 24 hrs, 1 quarter…)

Yes. Something like that you have mentioned in the Above.
The first one is giving description of the cron. but I need the list of the datetime for the cron.
The Second one doesn’t support the year field.

Thank you @ppr

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reason could be that the Standard cron doesn’t support a year field

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Finally I found a library to extract all the Cron expression.
It is Quartz and also in our UiPath Market Place , We have component and it is developed by UiPath Team “cron-expression”


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In the Above package . it has error . Kindly I ask the producer to check it. I have schedule a robot for each month Monday and Tuesday. When use the activity “Get next run times”. It returns the Sunday also.

Cron Expression : “0 0 0 ? 1/1 MON,TUE *”

for march it returns Sunday also.

Here is the sample.

CronExpressionQuartz.zip (73.6 KB)


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