Convert pdf image file to excel

I am trying to extract the data from pdf which is in image table format and write into excel as it is


You need to do OCR extraction, do string manipulations, generate a datatable and write into excel.

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Hi @MdEbrahim,

By using the 2 custom activities . you can able to achieve it.

Extracting the images you can able to extract all images in the folder by this activity.

And using this activity . you can able to insert image in the Excel.


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if the ocr isn’t upto your mark you can use Adobe Acrobat pro DC. It has inbuilt feature to covert PDF images to excel directly by just a click :slight_smile:

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thanks for reply
But still all the results are placed in one row .
i want to write in excel as order as pdf image

Thats hard to achieve with Image based PDF as it depends in what sequence the OCR engine reads the image

You will need to apply string manipulation/Regex to get the info in desired sequence in the excel

sampley…pdf (433.0 KB)
I attached my pdf file and i want to extract the data in excel as same as pdf

i tried all engines but the extracted data are stored in single row of excel

Hi there did you ever come right? I am also struggling with the same thing. Only the first 2 write into correctly. Everything else in one excel row. I have tried everything with no luck

Hi, I’m also struggling with the same thing, How do I extract data from pdf image in to excel


Yes, you are right because you’re extracting image so when you added into excel it’s showing single row of excel only. it’s not an data table, if you have data table then it’s possible to store into multiple rows, you extracted PDF image into string so that it’s showing single Row of value in Excel.


Hi, I’m also struggling with the same thing, How do I extract data from pdf with image and their content in to excel