Retrieve Excel information

Friends, I need your help and wisdom. I have a spreadsheet with information and I have to extract / get this information, and insert it on a specific website. How do I extract this information from Excel?

it depends the ways you need to insert those information, you can read the entire sheet using read range activity, but how do you need to insert those information?


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This information was extracted from invoices, so I have CNPJ, company name, net value and etc … I need this information to insert in a specific website. I don’t know if I understood your question, but I need this data exactly as it is, that is, string because I will put them in fields within this site

Hey! I assume the invoice is for only one company, and does not contain information for multiple companies. If the invoice fits a standard format, then all you need to do is read the specific cells that you need. There is an activity to read specific cells

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What I need is to read the Excel spreadsheet, get this information and put it on a website (as if it were a form). Could you take me step by step? Thank you!