Extract records from Data Service (DS)

How to convert Input Date provided in App and extract records from Data service.

There are different format of date definition in App and Data Service

@Sonalk ,

Not sure if I understand your question. where are you trying to extract data in studio?


@Arvind_Kumar1 : Trying to extract data from data service based on record creation date time. Stakeholders will provide input date and expecting specifc date records from data service and get displayed into UiPath App.

@Sonalk ,

Yes this is possible, Please follow the below approach.

  1. Add Calendar control
    2.Format the selected date into MM/dd/yyyy format as Concat(month(date),“/”,day(date),“/”,year(date))

This should work for you.


Thanks @Arvind_Kumar1 .

Can i implement multiple filter conditions in Data Source.

@Arvind_Kumar1 : Data Service update time is in this format : dd/MM/yyyy hh:MM:ss

Above filter criteria will not work as Update Time is not in date time format.

Yes you can…

@Sonalk ,

we do not have a function for second or time abbreviation so in this case you can call a process and return the value of time format as expected and pass to filter or you can filter the data service data into process and return table data into list to apps.


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