Date Format in Uipath Apps


I am working on a case where i need to display a table in Uipath Apps, but the Date format is not correct. I am Storing the date in Data Service DD.MM.YYY but in Apps result display its appear "Day Month time Zone"

  1. Can someone help me how can get it in DD.MM.YYYY Format(01.12.2022)?
  2. All data is Store in Data Service and appears in 1 row as you see in the image I need it in correct table format?

Thank you for your support

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Hey @daljit_parmar

Are you using direct integration between Apps and DS ?


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@daljit_parmar ,

you can’t format any column into UiPath apps as of now. To achieve this you can create an UI Path Process and build a data table and return value from data service into data table (with Date format) as output and then you can bind output of data table into UI Path Apps table.

You can do all the date format into UI Path process before return.

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Yes i am its coming direct from SAP.

Okay. I have designed a separate process to test this. Will update you if it works

Thank @Arvind_Kumar1
For this quick call and help me to fix the issue.
Root Cause: The date column must be kept as a String in Build Data Table + Uipath App.

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