Extract phone numer

Hello guys,

i’m back with the same problem, i want to ewtract the phone number btweenn two tring, i had used this:


but for example: "tél : 01 49 30 32 05 " it did not work

is this the complete string
can we have more samples from which we can get the one we need with a expression

here is another one

did you try this (?<=tél :).*


in fact this expresion: (?<=l:|l :).[0-9\s0-9\W]* does not works for exemple for : tél : 01 49 30 32 05 wheareas it works for Tel:


Did you tried Matches? Use matches and delete all spaces from the string it should give you the result. To delete de spaces you can use replace to delete all spaces “tél:0149303205”

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Could you send the expression you had chosen

Hi, it should be there by default when you search the activity

Thank you but if there is spaces or" - " between number will it work?

For exemple tel :
Or 01-09-87-86-77-98