Extract PDF with more than hundred pages to Excel

Hi, I would like to ask how to extract PDF with about 400 pages to Excel files. I have tried lot of tutorials on Internet and Youtube but it didn’t work, especially the one that use data scraping. I have attached the blurred picture of the PDF, it has about 400 pages with the same format. I just need to extract all those pages to one sheet on Excel. Thank you.

Hello @Anonymous1234

what are the datats need to extract from each page?
Is that same from all the pages? Like some invoice number, name etc…

Please confirm on that.

Yes, it’s the same from all pages. All the pages is actually one table.

@Anonymous1234 can you open the pdf in pdf reader and use Tableextraction feature in uipath. Inspect on the Table and check whether UiPath is identifiying it as a table and extracting as Datatable. If yes, in table extraction you can give the navigation button.

I have tried to use table extraction but UIPath can’t identify the table correctly. The tables content are all messed up.

Then you have use Read PDF text activity for each page. Navigation you have to do by clicking on the next button in the pdf reader.

First get the total number of pages using Get page count activity and use a loop to navigate through each pages.

Okay, thank you. I will try to do that.