Extract PDF page and save to folder

I have a list of pdf files and I want to extract 1 page from each file and save to a new file. Has anyone had success doing this with Studio X and can help me. I installed the PDF activities and added the Extract PDF Page Range to my Main but I keep getting an error.

Which package did you install exactly?

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sorry… the uipath.PDF Activities by UIPath V3.2.2

ok, what do you have as the Range? I tested all good for me…

I want to select page 2 of the file. I have a list of files that I want to open extract the 2nd page of each file and save that file as a new pdf. in the range field I have “2” can you show me your workflow?

maybe some of the files dont have a page 2…

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I ran it with this workflow but it is not going through all the files and yes, evry file has a page 2 and the form I need to pull. I am not sure where you want me to put the Expression Editor with .name + Date.Now.Ticks.ToString + “.pdf” formula

It ran the process with no error, but when I put in the range 2 i get the same error. I guess I just don’t get it :frowning:

Make sure all the files in the specified folder are PDF and really have 2 or more pages, verify this in acrobat or other reader, that formula is mine, to make sure files results dont get override…

It is weird. I am positive it has more than 2 page (actually each document has 10+ pages) I works if I have 1 in the range and it pulls that page, but I need page 2 and when I leave everything the same and change the range to 2 I get the following errors

And a Runtime execution error image

when you use 1 as range, the output document when you open them, so they really have one page? If yes, then test each of your docs individually, cause maybe one of them has some problems…

does it matter that when I open the file manually, it runs through a content preparation process in Adobe?

For Uipath activities this do not matter, but when this finishes you will be able to see how many pages the pdf actually has…

how can I add a delay so that it can see past page 1? Or is this a process I can do in remote desktop setting?

That i did not understand…

Well you have been VERY helpful, I will try to see why my adobe is processing the file everytime it opens. Thanks so much for all your patience and help.

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