Extract information from a string

Hello everyone, I have the following string,
Order created by Juan Esteban Valencia
I only need the information that is after the By, that is, the name of the person.
How can I do it?
it always has the same text, the only thing that varies is the name

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@Juan_Esteban_Valencia - Here you go…


I would suggest to watch this video to start learning about Regex, this is very good video. This is how I learned(Still learning) Regex

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Another solution is to use Replace()

name = inputString.Replace("Order created by ", "")

thanks @prasath17, this would be used in what activity an assing or with matches?

@Juan_Esteban_Valencia - This is exactly similar to one, like your previous post. Please follow the same steps.

  1. Matches (Regex)
  2. Print the Output YourRegexOutputVariable(0).value