Problem with Regex Formula

Hello Everybody!
i need your help with Regex.
I have this text

Coordinate bancarie:
IBAN     IT99 X999 999 9999 9999 9999 999

0999 VIA TEST, 27 - 24199 CITTA'

Utilizzatore carta:

Riepilogo generale.
(Dettaglio completo nelle pagine successive)

Saldo iniziale al 01.12.2021 212,00 €

Totale Accrediti 0,00 €

How can i extract the name after the string Utilizzatore carta: ?

i want to extract CIRO POMPETTA

i can’t because the name it’s after new line

I try with :

Utilizzatore carta:(\n\s*(\S+)\s*(\S+))

but the result its’ Utilizzatore carta:+name
i want only name

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @l.sambinelli

try out this below regex

(?<=Utilizzatore carta:)(\n.*)

update us whether your issue resolved or not

Hope it solves your issue


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it’s perfect!!

thank you very much

your welcome

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