Extract Excel data to new file

Hello, I’ve done a search but I can’t seem to find anything regarding this particular issue. I’m trying to extract multiple rows plus the header rows into a new file with a particular naming convention from text within the copied cells then save into a particular folder. Can anyone please direct me to a tutorial or video that might give some ideas on how to complete this? Thank you

are you trying to filter multiple rows from a table then save those rows + header to a separate file?

thank you, yes that’s right. I can get the filter to work, copy and then open new file to paste but it loses the format

what format are you trying to keep? can you show a screenshot

The data is sensitive so no but can say that the 2 header rows have merged cells included - would that be an issue?

you can try a workaround like this
e.g. this is the table i want to copy

  1. create a empty workbook e.g. test.xlsx and merge cells B&C

  2. before you write the filtered range to new file, copy test.xlsx to new file using copy file activity.

  3. use write range to new file