Extract email ID from social websites


I wish to know that if there is a post on facebook/linkedin and against that post there are many number of comments and most of these comments have email id in it given by the user, so is it possible to extract all those email id and store it in excel sheet. I was able to store the comments in excel through data scrapping, but i am not able to understand how to extract those email ids and save them

you can try to use regex to find email ids from string.

I tried to use foreach loop and then tried to do match for regex but i am not able to process captured value into loop, so not able to do regex

can you add sample string which you extract and has email ids

Following is the list of comments that were given against a particular post and i have extracted them using data scrapping and placed it inside csv sheet

qwe@rty.com / 678.799.7627
Hey please add us in your list and send us your requirements on asd@fgh.com

here you go Extractdatafromstring.xaml (6.5 KB)

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