Extract Document Data activity limitations

Using Extract Document Data activity trying to extract some information from more than 50 pages document. I would like to understand if there is any token /page count limitation to read the information?

Hi @khairnarp

I have observed sometimes that while processing invoices for more than 70 pages, it wasn’t able to extract the data post 70 Pages.

But till 70 pages it did extract.

Happy Automation!

In my case it is not going beyond 20 pages. Just wanted to understand if any token/Page’s limitations so that I can implement the split pdf logic accordingly.

For more details you can check here:

and if you’re using a public endpoint for extraction ML Skill: that would be near about 30 pages.

Also found this on :

  • Enterprise licensed traffic - The consumption entitlement is displayed as a number of pages on the Licenses page within the Document Understanding section. The size of documents that can be extracted is limited per page to 20 megapixels and 10MB, in JSON-Base64 format.