Document understanding multiple pdf with different page number

I have multiple pdf with different page number. I want to extract table which is in image format on which table is located in different it possible by document understanding?



Duplicate…Please check this


Data Extraction Scope: Request CorrelationId: cb441f26-a203-4a26-94d1-8f4020e9067d
Request PredictionId: 8kEFwltQ3wnFMEaqwL3lsOrqTYAwkENg3XNoijfkFiM=_60985962-c667-4f01-8610-89ae6d862ed7
The document exceeds the maximum allowed size for a request
Http Response Code: 413
Http Response Content: {“info”:“Prediction Failed”,“reason”:“{\u0022message\u0022:\u0022Community edition allows documents of maximum 2 pages. Received a document with 11 pages\u0022}”}

Hi @sathya_auto ,

Check the below docs :

It does mention that the limit in Community Edition is 2 Pages and 4MB


Community version has a limitation of number of pages…,use enterprise


@Anil_G Thankyou bro
Not possible in Document understanding comunity edition…Now trying to extract table using python pytesseract.


Yes…on community you have limitations


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