Extract dates with Regex

I have the structure bellow :

Arrival Date Friday, 21 May 2021 (from 12:00)
Departure Date Saturday, 22 May 2021 (until 10:00)

and I’m looking to extract dates, without the name of the day, as follow:
first Regex code: 21 May 2021
second Regex code: 22 May 2021

I’ve tried this but I’m able to extract the first line only:
*anyway, the code is low


@IPIX - Here you go…



Departure Date


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I’ve got “pattern error” in regex101.com but it work well in regextester.com.
I’ll try later on in my code in UIpath. Then I’ll let you know.

Thanks a lot!

Nope…its good…Make sure you have to choose ECMA script option on your left which is closest to UiPath…


Tested, it works like a charm. I’ll try to recompose in order to learn how you’ve done it.
Thanks also for point out ECMA setting.


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