Extract DataTable with drop-down lists from pdf file

I will want to extract the displayed values from a table with drop-down lists in a pdf file and save them in excel. i used data scraping activity but all values are extracted.
can you please help me
Merci beaucoup


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Did we try with Screen scrapping method
Which will give us string as output and it has to be passed as input to GENERATE DATATABLE activity which will give us datatable as output


We can try with FIND CHILDREN activity
For example

Cheers @ndeye_fatou_Diouf

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Thank you for your answer but when i try the screen scrapping method, i have this UiPath.Core.TextInfo as output but i want to extract real data .i am novice in uipath.
dataSFT.xaml (8.9 KB)

May I know which method you chose in screen scrapping
Usually it gives only a string output

Can I see the screenshot of the activity if possible

Cheers @ndeye_fatou_Diouf

The real Probleme is the table in the pdf. the Robot can’t select the table correctly.

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