Extract data from pdf using loop and save it into excel

I have a bunch of JPEG files and I want to extract data from them in a loop in uipath and write that data into excel. How can I do that?

Please try to use the activities of UiPath.ComputuerVision.Activities, and Pdf

@baisilgee Can you be a bit more descriptive…like how to make the loop work through computer vision activities.
I am able to extract data from JPEG and print it onto excel. The loop works but the data of only 1st JPEG file is extracted into excel. I am not able to extract data from remaining JPEG files into excel through loop.

Hi @Shinu : Can you please share your workflow? Are you able to indicate 2nd image then 3rd and so on or is the loop always points to 1st image and getting data from that image only? Some sample jpeg will also be helpful.

@mahesh.kumar Hello
The loop is running and but it is not able to extract data into excel from any image except 1st image.

Can you pls share screenshot of the workflow? Just want to see how are you extracting data and what are the conditions for the loop?
Also, just to isolate the issue, please create a test workflow and try to extract data from 2nd and 3rd image.

I have used screen scraping to extract data. The loop is running for both 1st and 2nd time but it is only extracting data from 1st image not 2nd image.