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I have to create a Workflow where I filter emails by subject and the have to extract data from the body. An example of email:

the received document NALS_25689632594_20210324_LAR_R.XML is completely correct.

This is an automatic message. Do not reply.

What I have to extract in this example is “NALS”, the date “20210324” and “LAR_R” from the body. The variables are always different.


First you can use For Each after the Get Mail Message activity, as below

After that Use Regex expression as below

Later you can use split method to get your required string

Hope this may help you


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@markosc - As an alternate, you can try this regex group pattern…

Nals = Regexvar(0).groups(1).tostring
20210324 = Regexvar(0).groups(2).tostring
LAR_R = Regexvar(0).groups(3).tostring

@ksrinu070184 @prasath17
Does it work with Outlook?


Yes, It will work

Use Outlook Mail Message activity, but outlook should be configured locally

Item.Body will extract the body as string then you can apply the Regex


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Yes…It does @markosc - pass your mail body as an input to the regex…

Write Line:

StrOuput is of variable type : MatchCollection…

Here: Replace the StrInput with your body content…

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Hi can you please tell me what do I need to write when I need to print out text between , and . (from the above example)?

@markosc - you mean this…

the received document NALS_25689632594_20210324_LAR_R

If so, you have Dear always in before the comma ?

the email always starts with “Dear,”
and I have to print out “the received document NALS_25689632594_20210324_LAR_R.XML is completely correct” so the text between comma and full-stop.

@markosc - Please try this…

StrPrint = Regex.Match(StrInput,"(?<=Dear,\r\n).*").value

StrPrint is of variable type String…

May I know, how/why the initial requirement got changed?

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It did not changed I just have an Excel file to fill with first mentioned data and that I have a cell where I have to copy the message. Thank you for your help!

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Hi, when I test it in a workflow with emails, it gives me nothing (empty write line)

@markosc - could you please share the complete text and screen of the worflow …i.e how you implemented the Regex…

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