Extract data from datagrid in sap

I think this: sap is very popular but not all funcionalities have export in excel, sometimes wil be very useful extract all datatable from a datagrid in sap

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

@luchovelez not exactly sure I understand your suggestion. Can you please provide details of the requirement?

Could you explain little more your idea if it’s still something you would like to have?

A Tool like extract datatable form html, because that tool dont works son the datatables or datagrids on sap

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@gheorghestan ^^

SAP has different table types. Some of them is like excel table, some of them is like old school txt files. We need integration all over. For instance; right now we can extract data from ALV GRID with some limitations, but Table Control type isn’t compatible.

Moreover, SAP has a habit of downloading not all the data on some table types if you don’t scroll all the way down assuming you have lots of data from query. Extracting data faces a problem right here; so probably, this will also be a technical problem for you.

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HI @luchovelez and @abcalli

Guys, please be SAP specific. I would like to understand the challenges you have.

Let’s describe the specific use case, let’s put real SAP table into discussion and let’s find out what is working, what is missing, where is the need for improvements.

Thanks, Lev

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Hi @LevKushnir,

Let me give you some examples:

1-S&H Pop-ups

As you can see below, we have pop-up containers with tables in them for nearly all data types in SAP. I can select line, spesific cell, or copy all of the data manually with some tricks. Still, we can’t get this with data scrapping or any other method. Only way to do is exporting and in the long run, this wouldn’t be acceptable.



2- ALV List (Simple, Hierarchical etc.)

There are certain types of tables in SAP which have different technical back-end. Beside ALV Grid(which is also not that reliable under heavy data load), we can’t extract data from these tables.

More technical info:

3 - Table Controls

Below example is not a list actually, it is kind of excel table in SAP. However, they are widely used especially in transnational screens. Still, it is not possible to extract data as a table.

Lastly, because SAP has own scripting, some screens or tables’ UI is different for Robot and a user. Please keep this in mind.


Hi @abcalli

Thanks for this great summary! Now we are on the right level to discuss the topic!

1-S&H Pop-ups
The search over match code in SAP is not suitable for data extraction. If user is looking for some specific data and want to use specific set of filters, it is highly recommended to use SE16n or other table transaction to find the right set of data. Output of SE16n can be than easily scraped either by UiPath studio or Extracted and downloaded with the standard SAP tools in CSV or XLS format.

Yes, you are fully correct with your last hint! In case of using search & match code window the user should be also aware of differences for Robot and User. Technically we are speaking here about Modal and Amodal Display options.
• Dialog (Modal) - is supported for automation and scripting interface
• Control (Amodal) - is not supported for automation and scripting interface

More information can be found here: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/v2020.4/docs/sap-configuration-steps#section-enabling-modal-dialog-boxes

2- ALV List (Simple, Hierarchical etc.)
As of today, our Data scraping technology does not support Simple list (see screenshot below), Hierarchical sequential list and Tree list tables. The automation and steering of elements is possible, but not the data scraping. All other kinds of SAP tables are supported

The reason is pretty simple. These tables looks like a table for human-being, but in reality (technically) it is just a set of labels and ASCI characters, which are not provided over scripting interface and here we would need to develop our own technology to recognise them.

The topic is in my backlog and we would like to address this issue. As workaround it is possible (sometimes) to switch the SAP view to AVL GridTable or Extract the data with standard SAP tools and then use Data scraping.

3- Table Controls
Here I do not see any issues, all such widely used tables are supported. See screenshot

With UiPath Studio 19.12 and above, we have introduced even more possibilities for data scraping to cover different customer needs.

We are providing the option to choose the right column name. See here: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/v2020.4/docs/supported-sap-elements#section-data-scraping

Best regards, Lev


@LevKushnir thanks for explanations!

I understand possible drawbacks of extracting data from SAP ALV List types, I just want to express our desire having new ways of getting data :slight_smile:

However, let me clarify the needs of 1st and 3rd item.

Having authorization of SE16N or any other SE,SA etc screens is a hilarious thing :slight_smile: Most of the customer don’t want to give such privileges to robot or developer which I also understand them clearly as a former SAP consultant. I’d not have think you have such struggle with getting data from S&Hs. Is this regarding modal/amodal issue? We need to find a way around, especially if it is regarding this functionality.

I checked another table control from a different screen; and yes you’re right on one thing! You may extract data from some* table controls. Could you check CS03 and C223 t-codes for instance. C223 works like you said, but we got a issue with CS03. Is it regarding screen/container hierarchy of the screen in terms of technical speaking?


HI @abcalli

As I mentioned before, we do not have any issues in steering/automating such “SAP Popups Table” from the “Match Code”.

The table should be just in the right format. The right settings is Modal for Dialog boxes (see the documentation link above). This is a SAP limitation. Amodal dialogs are not supported by scripting interface. Feel free to check SAP Note 977583.

In regard of C223 and CS03 – Congratulation you have found a bug! :bug:

  • C223 – all good, works as expected. Data Scraping is possible
  • CS03 – was working before and will work with the next UiPath release again.
    => This bug is fixed

Best regards, Lev

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I’m happy it’s a bug. Still, is it related a certain arrangements of the screen? For examplei if I face the same problem in a custom screen, can i check if anything is missing for scripting? Could be also checking in source-code.

Actually, I already tried it with modal mode. Still have a problem with it. Does this “is supported for automation and scripting interface” explanation have limitations? Below screen is what I should get, right? I assume, you mean that we still can’t extract the data, but we get cell by cell automation to copy etc. Otherwise, we would be able to extract Simple ALVs as well :slight_smile:

If I select a cell or whole table, this is what I get:


If I select container itself:


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@abcalli Looks like its in the format of a AVL List, Change it to AVL grid.

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It’s like this because we consciously did it to use scripting actually. If there is way to change the ALV to GRID rather than make it Modal again, could you explain?


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AVL List tables are not supported for Data Scraping

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@WhenCutEsh this a not screen, it’s a S&H pop-up. So, technically we cannot apply your solution.

@LevKushnir thanks again for all the explanations. I hope we will have more integration on UI with SAP in a near future.

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