Extract Data from Browser

I want to extract only red circle data from this offer tab and save it in Excel, By screen scraping I am getting all data but I need only particularly red circle data, is there any solution., Please suggest

@Pravin_S any filter option can you apply on browser? Or can you share the extracted data so that I could provide some suggestions.

Hi @Pravin_S

Try using for each ui element and use a if condition inside it to check the red signal on the right …if the read element exists then get the corresponding data else move to the next element

If you can provide the site we can give more details


Hello, you can extract all offer with data scrapping and for each offer, you check if you have the red circle. I think it’s an easy way to di what you want. But it’s may be not well optimized :slight_smile:

There are unique ID’s in Excel, I just enter ID’s one by one in these search box as per that IDs we get offer data and in that data we I have to extract only red circle data

As I am new in this can you tell me which exact activities I should use here

Hi @Pravin_S

This is the activity for looping through all similar elements on a page


I am not getting this activity in modern design as well, should I need to install package for that

Hi @Pravin_S

Are you on latest ui path version and are the packages also latest?

its a new activity might not be available in older versions

It is available in modern experience and check from activities panel if modern activities are selected


do you use “Use application/browser” activity? if yes then there is Extract data table in the same folder as that “use app/broswer” acticvity. As for data extraction i recommend to extract all(2 columns[Offer, Red circle]. then in “Filter data table” activity you remove everything that is not Red circle.

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