Extract a text from right to left in excel

I need the robot to read a description in Excel and extract only the text that is right to left into the space, but the size of this text is dynamic

for example:

too long text - extract : text
tomorrow and today - extract: today
0923483574 123 - extracts: 123

You can loop through by row and use split function and get last value of the array

Same like this

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@lourena.coutinho - How about this??


Hope this helps…



I’m trying to use it, but when the robot goes to write the extracted value in excel, the following error occurs:


I don’t know if I’m using it correctly

@lourena.coutinho - Your Input text may be different i guess. Whatever the text you have provided, I was able to extract the values…

If you could share the exact text (by masking the sensitive info)…we can take a look…

I Used the right and left activity and works.


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