Extract a particular Page data from multi page PDF document

How can we extract data from a particular page in a multi pages PDF documents?
For example, i have 3 PDF documents, each of them contains a specific page name called “CustomerDetails”. The position of this page in each document varies.
Say for instance:
Document 1, contains “CustomerDetails” page at page 2.
Document 2, contains “customerdetails” page as Page1.
Document 3, conatins “customerDetails” page at Page3.
How to configure and tell the robot to always read a particular page in the pdf document when the position is not fixed

Try this custom activity from Go: PDF activities.

Hi Maria,

PDF.activities custom activity doesnt help me. Please note that pdf file is a scanned document.

Hi @PrajwalShambhu,

Could you try with find text which should be available with PDF application, so that it will move to that page then you can extract from that page?

Sasikumar K

Its a scanned copy so will find text help here?

Hi Sasi,
Since its a scanned copy, find text wont help for me

Have you tried Read PDF With OCR? Part of the UiPath.PDF.Activities

Can you provide any details on what you’ve attempted thus far?