Extract Specific Data in a multiple PDF Files by position

I want to extract particular position data in a pdf files which are multiple. For Example, i had 10 pdf files in a folder and i need to extract Top-left corner data for each pdf and store it. How can i achieve it ?

is this each pdf file contains multiple pages

you can give a ty to Document Understanding using ML extractor.

If that is simply related to the position, that would work fine. Below video shows the step to do so.

no, one page(mostly invoices)

you text is subjected to any specific tag

use get text with ocr activity and select the particular area…

No Specific tag, i just want to extract the data by position, which i can drag and select the position if any activity available for one pdf and accordingly remaining pdfs should extract the data

make sure, use a dynamic wild card selectors

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But Where to give folder path and if i use indicate on screen, everytime pdfs needs to open?, but how exactly pdfs will open

use start process activity to open the pdf…it will open the default pdf app

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