Extract a number from a text

How can I extract a word that starts in a specific way from different texts
That is, I have the following text:
“post charge” "
area that requests the development of art: marketing
Art link submission date: 03 August 2020
purchase order: 4501925095
material code: 8043933
material description: pel bokitas q / b plus 2 bok rell de mani op 5195
clise quantity: 8
unit cost: $ 150
total cost: $ 1200 "
Or this other
purchase order # 4501977276 ref. : proformas 1011

From each of these texts I must obtain the number that starts at 45, this number always starts at 45 and has 10 digits, how can I do it?

Is it possible to have 2 sets of values in the same line startinf with 45 and then has 100 digits?


Use regex as below

Use a Match activity and give the pattern

It will give you a collection, Use ForEach to loop through the values

Hope this helps you


Hi @seanrockvz13
No, it is defined that the text will only find a number that begins with 45 and will have 10 digits, although if there is some way to validate that, it would be better, it would be like shielding the code


Check as below

Attached workflow for your reference
Main.xaml (6.4 KB)

Hope this helps you



Got it.

Please try this workflow.

I placed the set of string that you put in a notepad inside the data folder.
The bot will loop in the notepad to go to one item line by line.

Oops pls change the file path location :slight_smile:

Regex.zip (3.0 KB)

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