Extract 2 categories from Json

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Can you please help me with the following issue
I need to extract two different categories from a Json code.

I create a flow chart when i use a item.Contains(“0”) does anyone has a better option/solution to save the data in the arguments

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May i know where we are using this condition
if possible can i have a view on the workflow with a screenshot if possible
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Thank you so much to answer @Palaniyappan
Attach a files and a screenshot of my issue


Hi @Erick_Chavarria

Can you elaborate more the issue to address it!

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Sorry for the last response,
I need to get in 2 differents groups of variables the data of following .Json using for each, or you can recomend any other activity

            "tickets": [
                    "name": "Group 1",
                    "section": "Premium Adult (Ages 10+)",
                    "date": "2019-08-31",
                    "time": "18:00:00",
                    "qty": "2",
                    "price": "86"
                    "name": "Group 2",
                    "section": "Premium Child (Ages 3-9)",
                    "date": "2019-08-31",
                    "time": "18:00:00",
                    "qty": "2",
                    "price": "45"

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In this video I do a lot of stuff with JSON (Chapter included) :

1:35 Deserialize simple JSON
2:50 Deserialize a JSON with an Object inside
3:55 Deserialize a JSON with Array inside
6:00 When we use Deserialize JSON Array activity
7:00 Deserialize a JSON with a List of Strings inside

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