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Is there any limit for the Max number of results that can be set in Extract datatable activity? Can we set 1000 or 9999 ?


If you set to 0 you can extract all the data and there is no such limits in extracting DATATABLE

That is taken care by the property named

  • Number of items - The maximum number of results to be extracted. If the value is 0, all the identified elements are added to the output. This property works alongside the Limit extraction to property. The default value is 100.

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What if i leave it blank? Will it scrape 100 which is the default?
To summarise, in order to extract maximum number of elements, value has to be set to zero? Correct?

No, It’ll extract all the rows.

Yes, that’s what Palaniyapam mentioned

Set it to 0 it will extract completely

Even if you leave it blank on removing 100 it will be taken as 0 and will pick all data

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @shreyaank

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