Expression to return first day of previous month

Hello this expression I have
New DateTime(Now.Year,Now.Addmonths(-1).Month,1).ToString(“MM/dd/yy”)

returns “12/01/22”, but I need it to be the first day of the previous month “12/01/21”, can someone please help?

thanks so much in advance

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Maybe just add a condition and if your current month is 01 then sub 1 year to the result ?

Hi @lynnsong986 ,

Try the below Expression :

new DateTime(Now.AddMonths(-1).Year,Now.AddMonths(-1).Month,1).ToString("MM/dd/yy")


Check below for your reference


You can use the below one.

RHS:new DateTime(Date_Now.Year,Date_Now.Month,1).AddMonths(-1)

Thank you

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Thank you all for your kind help!

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