Convert Date into specific Format in UI path Studio X


I need help on getting previous month start date i.e 1st day, in format MM/DD/YYYY i.e. for an example 04/01/2020 and also in format MMMM YYYY i.e. for an example April 2020

I am using Studio X.

For the first one, assign a String variable to Now.AddDays(-1 * (Now.Day - 1)).AddMonths(-1).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy").

For the second one, assign a String variable to Now.AddDays(-1 * (Now.Day - 1)).AddMonths(-1).ToString("MMMM yyyy").

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I was about to shut down my laptop, but i seen your reply and thought let’s try, and guess what…It worked, Thanks a Lott!!!

I am new to UI Path, and I am really getting help on my queries from this Forum. Thank you!!

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