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I am trying to export PDF into Excel using the following steps.

Use application/browser - PDF
Sent hot keys - ALT F (To open the file menu)

Now I need to click Export To and Select Excel.
But the click is not identifying the menu item Export.
How can I accomplish this. Is there a hot key I can use to export from PDF?
Is there any other way? I cannot add marketplace components etc.

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Hi @A_Learner

You can try to use another use application/browser activity to identify the menu window, and then put your click activity inside


Thank you @fernando_zuluaga
Did not quite get “another application\browser”
Why another?

Thank you for explaining


Use Send Hotkey: Instead of clicking on the menu item, you can use the “Send Hotkey” activity to send the appropriate key combination to initiate the export process. In this case, you can send the combination of keys that corresponds to the export action. For example, you can try sending “Ctrl + Shift + E” to export to Excel. Experiment with different key combinations to find the one that works for your specific PDF application.

Hi @A_Learner

Try Using with Send Hotkey activity.

Hope it helps!!

@A_Learner you can use either of these options

  1. Use Hotkeys: Instead of using the Click activity to interact with the menu, you can try using Hotkeys to navigate to the “Export” option. For example, after pressing ALT+F to open the file menu, you can use hotkeys like Down Arrow, Right Arrow, or Enter to reach the “Export” option. Experiment with different combinations of hotkeys until you can select the desired option.

  2. Use Image Automation: Instead of relying on selectors or menu items, you can use Image Automation to click on specific parts of the PDF application’s interface. Capture an image of the “Export” option and use the Click Image activity to click on it.

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Thank you, CTRL+SHIFT+E is not doing anything. I can see that CTRL+SHIFT+S is doing Save As. Is CTRL+SHIFT+E the correct combination to export?

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Did you try with identifying the button using active accessibility mode …

Also if it is appearing after right click and you are unable to identify then use recorder to capture the selector


  1. Is working. will try 2.

Thank you,

Thank you, @Anil_G. Trying this.

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