Exit from re-framework based upon a condition

I have a use case in which when I don’t receive any mail I should come out of init state and end process otherwise it should go to process state. Please let me know how can I achieve this in Re-Framework?

Is your email read during the Get Transaction Data? If so, No Data goes to End Process.


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Hi @michael.zura ,

If the List of Emails is your Transaction Data, then the RE- Framework also should be configured along this and adjusted the Transaction item types to MailMessage.

The List of Mail Messages since it is your Transaction data, when entered Get Transaction Data, it should check if there are any values in the TransactionData, if there are no mails, then it should go to End Process.

If you are still trying to move to the End Process directly from the Init State, then we could use a Throw activity to throw a System Exception and handle this in the End State. Make sure when you throw the Exception, use a Specific Message like “No Mails Received” so that we can check whether this message is present in the Exception Message and then perform the required actions in the End State accordingly. But this is however not a very much recommended approach.


Nope I am just checking if we are getting mail or not I don’t need to process them in list. I am checking in init itself like if i get mail I should execute further otherwise it should end process.


Add one transition from Init to end process state and add the condition of mail retreived or not…IsNothing(mails) OrElse mails.Count=0 or if you have a boolean variable use it…

You can add this in the system exception transition condition as well…

In both the cases it moves to end process directly


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Thank you this worked.

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