Execution Trail skips NCheckState branches

While debuging a process I am noticing that the debugging Execution Trail is not showing a trail through either branch inside of Check App Sate activities.

Is this a known bug or is there some setting I missed that is causing this?


In my environment (Studio22.4.4+UiAutomation22.4.7 or Studio22.10.1CE+UiAutomation22.10.1), it works.

Can you share information for your environment such as version of Studio, UIAutomation etc?


Studio 2021.10.4 EL
UIAutomation 22.4.5
System 22.4.1

We can update packages as necessary; but not Studio. Is there any reason it won’t work with my environment?



I tried it under same condition : Studio 21.10.4 + UiAutomation 22.4.5. However, cannot reproduce the issue.

The following is the above sample project. Can you try this? We might be able to isolate cause : workflow matter or environment matter.

Sample20221017-3.zip (7.9 KB)