Execute Stored Procedures and Get the Output parameter using UiPath

How to execute Oracle Stored Procedures and get the output using UiPath?

Can you give more details about the stored procedures means?

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value varchar2(50);
proc_statement varchar2(50);
proc_statement:=‘BEGIN nameOfTheStoredProcedure(:1); END;’;
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE proc_statement USING OUT value;

I’m executing this using Execute Query activity. But it should return a string value for the output parameter. But it can’t access using the UiPath activity.

Hi @dilii,

Take a look at this thread both suggested solutions will work.

Your output will be off course be a datatable type.

Since you will have only one row output, you can then use

Assign activity

SQL output (string type) = YourResultDatatable.Rows(0).Item("YourColumnName").ToString

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