Execute query Select : numbers with decimals causing issue

Hello !

I have an issue with some datatable I need to extract from an Oracle DB table (execute query activity)

It seems that the columns with datatype NUMBER(X,X) cause an error, which studio indicates as an incorrect format.

Whereas columns with datatype NUMBER(X) are fine.

I don’t understand why this would cause a problem.

Can you help me about this ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @RaphCh :wave:

Could you share a screenshot of your Execute Query activity?

I’m hoping you are passing your query as a string to the Execute Query activity? Please pass the input as a string and also don’t put a semicolon in the end.


Hello Rahul !

Here is the screenshot execute_query_screen

As you can see it is not the problem, as I tried to replace the * by some columns in the table (that are not datatype NUMBER(X,X)) and it is working.

Not a solution but a workaround I found : Instead of datatype NUMBER(X,X) in the table I put NUMBER for these columns.

It works, but limits the options…