Exception using GSuite Write Range activity : Invalid data[0]

Hello Dear Community :slight_smile: ,

I have a DataTable for Reporting, I wish to write it in my Gsheet sheet. It is a simple datatable with 2 columns. Yet, I have an Exception while using “Write Range” GSuite Activities for Gsheet. Can you help me please ?

Here is my issue :
When I wish to write the DataTable to the wanted sheet , we get the following message error : Exception: Invalid data[0]: Requested writing within range in [sheetname] but tried writing to column B [400] Source: Google.Apis
As you can see in the bellow image :

I tried to :

  • Write DataTable into CSV file = All OK
  • Write DataTable as string in log with OUtput DataTable = All OK
  • Write in theDataTable in the same Gsheet cell by cell, using For each row and write cell instead of Write Range = All OK

Does any of you already get this error ?

Thank you in advance for you help ! :hugs: